General Questions
Does your Company have legal documents for your acquired farm Lands?
Yes, the farms has a Deed Of Conveyance approved by the Government.

What particularly am I investing into with your Company?

You are investing into our farm products production and sales. With our products being transacted on your behalf for 25 days, a 10% returns on investment is paid to you at the end of every 25 days.

When do I get my investment returns?
Your returns on investment will be paid at the end of every 25 days, starting from the third month of your investment, till the end of your chosen investment tenure.

What is the investment Plan?
You invest between 1 year to 10 years and get 10% Returns On Investment (ROI) at the end of every 25 days, starting from the third month till the end of the chosen investment tenure. 
What is the Projected return on investment?

The return on investment is 10% at the end of every 25 days for the chosen investment tenure.

What are the risks involved in investing with your company?

There are little or no risks involved in investing with Royalty Farms, because we have products that are daily consumed by the ever increasing population of the world.

How do you generate funds to pay your investors?

Funds are generated by the sales of our products which are already on a very high demand in the market.

Is there going to be a deduction on the investment capital at the end of the investment tenure?


No there is no deduction, at the end of the chosen investment tenure, it is paid back to the investor 100% on request.


We in Royalty Farms are aiding in the eradication of hunger in the world by making agricultural products available to the people and industries. 



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