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Royalty Farm Services Company (Royalty Farmsis a product of Royalty Worldwide Solution Company, an international multi-dimensional Company incorporated in Nigeria. Royalty Farm Services Company (Royalty Farmsis a global agricultural farm, we are into live stock and crops farming, for domestic and international consumption, we provide food and also materials for industrial use. We have a very high level of production per day and its still increasing to meet the demand of the global market. We offer training services across the livestock and crop products we deal on, the training introduces its students to real time farming 

activities as practical sessions are held on our farm.

We have  the Investment arm, were people are giving the

opportunity  to make investments on our farm and 

receive 20% Returns On Investment (ROI) in 25 days 

circle within a tenure of 1 - 10 year. The farm is situated

at OmademeRivers State, Nigeria, West Africa.

* Life Stock & Crop Production
* Farm Management
* Marketing and Sales of farm output
* Training
* Consultancy
* Farm Training Materials provision
* Brooding Services- Poultry Farmers: (We oversee the birds from a day old to point of laying)
* School excursion (Primary/Secondary) 

VISION: To be a high global agricultural products producing and selling establishment.

MISSION: To make agricultural products highly available globally for domestic and industrial use.

GOAL: To aid in the eradication of hunger in the world by making agricultural products available to the people. 



"I heard about the Company and its 

investment plan and decided to make

an investment. I've received my 20%

Returns On Investment twice

and its still counting. I'm so

glad I took advantage of the

information when I

heard it."

Maurice Igbokwe

"I just paid in my investment capital

today and I'm so excited about it,

investing with Royalty Investors gives me

peace of mind, as they are an agricultural

products trading Company,

I have assurance of my


Grace Levi


We in Royalty Farms are aiding in the eradication of hunger in the world by making agricultural products available to the people and industries. 



No.1 Mini Ichenwene Street, By Jehovah' Witness Hall, Off Old Aba Road, Rumuokwurusi, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria, West Africa.

 +234-813-085-5550, 803-244-5457

8:00am - 5:00pm GMT+1






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